Middlesex Middle School Representatives

To Darien Community Groups serving Darien Public Schools

Darien Advocates for Education of the Gifted (DAEG) Representatives:

Christine Bang, Co-President     pcbang@optonline.net

Heather Schuddeboom, Co-President     hmcandrews@hotmail.com

Shanti Nalawade, Johns Hopkins CTY Program Chair     shanti.nalawade@yahoo.com

Shyamla Menon, Johns Hopkins CTY Program Chair     shyamla@gmail.com

Karin Sharp, Barbara Harrington Fund Chair     kdmsharp@aol.com

For more information about DAEG go to www.daeg.org


YWCA Parent Awareness Representatives:

Christy Duggan                                                                       duggan171@mac.com

Julia Sparkman                                                                        juliasparkman@gmail.com

Anne Mullin                                                                           amully@snet.net


For more information about Parent Awareness go to www.ywcadariennorwalk.org/parent- awareness



Special Education Parents Advisory Committee Representative:

Linda Straubel            straubel@snet.net

For more information about SEPAC go to www.dariensepac.wordpress.com

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