Discount at the Sport Shop

Want to get a jump on your Holiday shopping?
The MPA is selling vouchers for the Darien Sport Shop Charity Days fundraiser.  Buy a voucher for $10 and get 15% off all items* purchased at the Sport Shop on October 23 and October 24, 2019.  You can buy multiple tickets to share with friends and family.

The $10 you spend will support MMS fundraising goals for this year and help us do everything from purchase refreshments for the Open Houses and Principal’s Coffees, host speakers for MPA meetings and provide our hardworking teachers and school administration with staff appreciation lunches and end of year gifts. Fundraising also provides funds for improvements to the school for both staff and students. 

This year we are planning to add picnic benches and umbrellas to the internal courtyard.  Please considering purchasing a voucher to support MMS and our local community stores. 

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please email us.  We hope you will participate.

*excludes gift cards and previously purchased items